Blast Doors

Bee Safe Blast Doors are manufactured with steel and filled with concrete (concrete filled on site) and are guaranteed to be strong, as the door’s frame and case metal is bent instead of cut and welded. This ensures its integrity is not compromised. Our Blast Doors are also easy to install and features four compression locks in our standard model. Reasonably-priced and with a track record of reliability, we’re certain you won’t be able to find a better door on the market. If you’re looking for a superior multi-purpose blast security door ours will get the job done. Our vault blast doors feature a five-prong banker’s wheel and a 14-bolt locking system, with two barrel relocking systems. Made in the United States with steel and concrete, our blast doors will provide your family with the protection they need during unpredictable catastrophic events.

Vault Blast door
Blast Vault Door
Concrete Filled Blast Door
Concrete Filled Blast Door
5 prong bankers' wheel
5 prong bankers’ wheel

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