NBC Air Filtration Units and Bomb shelter Doors

Security is very important both at home and at work. There are devices such as bomb shelter doors that perform this task effectively. Also known as blast doors, these are specially reinforced doors that protect people and property from the effects of a bomb. Moreover, they can survive any bombs attached to them. Thus, they are good for use as safe doors. A blast door features thick steel and concrete panels. For extra tensile strength, the door is bent into shape and not welded or cut. This prevents it from having weak spots.

A filtration system can ensure that we enjoy only high quality, clean air. The main difference between domestic and industrial air filtration systems is the filters. There are four main types of filters. They include the mechanical, gas phase, electronic and hybrid filters. The mechanical filter forces air through a screen that traps any insects, dust or smoke. NBC air filtration units that make use of this technology are used both in homes and industrial buildings. They can be used in filtration systems of many sizes ranging from the 88 cfm to the 176 cfm. The gas phase filter is used in filtration systems that are used in industrial buildings. This filter removes odors for example chemical fumes from the air flowing through them. Electronic filters make use of a fan and an electrostatic precipitator that traps any unwanted particles. The hybrid filter combines electrostatic and mechanical technologies.

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