NWSS Blast Doors


Qualities of the Finest Blast Doors and Air Filtration Systems

There is so much unrest in the world that one can never guarantee their safety. However, there are a few things you can do to improve the security of shelters. For instance, one of the things you can do is installing a reliable blast door to protect against external pressure. Lunor Blast Doors are among the highly recommended blast doors in the market.

In fact, it is believed that these doors are made with higher standards than the market recommended ones. To begin with, the specifications for these blast doors are as directed by the Federal Office of Civil Defense. These blast flaps are made from pure steel and are filled with concrete to guarantee maximum protection against physical impacts and blasts.


Furthermore, people in such shelters are also prone to nuclear, chemical and biological hazards. To protect against such lethal attacks, these blast doors are fitted with lunor NBC filtration systems. These filtration systems are made to filter the toxic gases and chemicals for the safety of the accomplice.

In a dangerous disaster, the lunor blast doors are the most effective because they are also fitted with air filtration system which protect against contamination such as from radioactive fallout and all known chemical and biological agents, the air filtration system is also suitable lunor ventilation units.

Our customers who decide to buy the blast doors assure the safety of their families in the event of a disaster, because in the today’s environment the threat of an invader is ever present. Maybe inform of nuclear bomb, biological, or chemical weapon. When you are planning a new construction, we advise you to install the blast doors that are affordable in the market. The safety of the family is assured since they will be able to breathe with lunor air filtration systems fitted on their blast doors, which can be acquired by contacting us.

Nuclear, chemical or biological disasters are expected in everyday life, all you need for maximum protection for you and your family is a blast door fitted in your home, office or respective workplace. This is because it will mean survival in whatever situation.

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