Blast Doors

Security for Shelters
It is a vital thing that security should be provided for shelter. In army air bases, and places prone to biological or chemical missiles, top security is needed to provide protection.

At the blast doors and filters shop, these elements are provided in the form of such items:

Vault blast doors: They are a guarantee of high security with their concrete filling after installation. They also bear a locking system with 2 barrels, a locking system with14 bolts and one piece each of triple step door and frame for maximum security.
Bunker doors for shelters built underground for survival are designed to look as attractive as other room additions. They possess maximum strength to hold natural forces like earthquakes and bomb blasts.

Blast proof doors: it has maximum thickness of about 15’’ with a system door made of 8 steps among other features that include an indoor with four blast resistors, and a steel door with quadruple layers.

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