Blast Hatches

Structures for Emergency Underground Shelters
We provide a number of structures to ensure that your underground shelters provide an escape route for you in case of emergency. The most vital of the products for bomb shelters are the:
Blast hatches: These are mostly flat and installed in underground shelters. They possess a riser that is ordered for custom heights that fits the backfill depth of the shelter. They are easy to install and contain step by step instructions for installation.
Blast doors and hatches: They are the highest quality available as they offer strength and real NBC protection that a true bomb shelter requires. They are filled with thick concrete for the wall shelter to provide maximum security. They are designed for installations that have cast in place for greater strength.
Emergency escape hatches: These are unmatchable and the best dual emergency escape hatches available in the market. They are provided in custom sizes and the options are presented upon request.
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