Blast Valves

Blast Valves and Lunor Blast Valve
Civil Defence and Military structures are always at risk of attacks and therefore need reinforced protection for the building and in so doing, protection of the occupants as well. This is where blast valves come in handy.

To protect a structure from any kind of explosion, Lunor blast valves are used in air outlet openings to reduce the pressure which in turn reduces the impact of an explosion. Tested and approved by the Armament Technology and Procurement group of Switzerland, the lunor blast valve, is designed according to the Swiss Federal office of Civil defence directive and has the following advantages; 

●       It is easy to assemble

●       It comes with a prefilter

●       It can be fit to the wall frames according to your preference.

●       It requires low maintenance

●       The fact that it is easy to assemble gives it a short closure time of less than two minutes.

It is tested and approved.

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