Floor and Wall Safes

The best way to prevent theft is to have protective devices that require time, patience, special tools and a lot of skill to break into. Patience and time are qualities that thieves don’t especially possess and thus the logic of using floor and wall safes as opposed to freestanding safes.

The wall and floor safe enjoy the advantage of being hidden making access to them a daunting task. They can be cleverly disguised as part of the house fixture e.g as part of the wall that can have a picture hanging in front of it, or inside a closet behind hanging clothes. A floor safe can easily be hidden under a carpet rag or under the house furniture.

Floor and Wall safes are fireproof and waterproof making them a very good place to store important documents, cash and jewelry.

Some safes come with DIY installation. They should therefore be installed with absolute precision to ensure that they serve the security purpose they are meant for.

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