Vent Pipes

When the outdoors become dangerous, we always seek shelter and protection indoors. What we require during such times is for our indoor sojourn not to be threatened in any way. Nuclear Biological Chemical Filtrations (NBC) systems are one way of achieving this objective so that no matter the air outside, the occupants of the shelter are protected.

The NBC filtration ventilation system is a air ventilation system that is used to maintain overpressure and give the required air exchanges to support the air supply needs of the occupants of a shelter. They are normally used during the construction of bomb shelters and safe rooms where people can escape away from outside airborne threats.

The Air Vent Pipe (BSS-AP-01) is one vent pipe that serves that purpose. When contaminated air is sucked in through the valve, it passes from the valve into the NBC filter. Once it reaches the NBC filter, the contaminated air will be filtered through several filters and it will then get cleaned until it is devoid of contamination and is safe for inhalation.

The Vent Pipe (BSS-AP-01) can be custom made to suit your specific needs. Some are disguised and installed in the most unimaginable of places. It is a system to consider having in high risk prone shelters to facilitate piece of mind.

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