Wall Sleeves

Wall sleeves, used on concrete shelters for anything that requires penetration through the wall e.g pipes, cables, electric wires, air conditioners etc, are essential in providing hydrostatic protection. The sleeves can be set in concrete, fixed in the wall or installed watertight in a wall opening using mortar.

Wall sleeves are available in various range of diameters and lengths. The standard wall sleeve is 16 inches long and can be cut to a minimum wall thickness of 8 inches. The WS-10-6  wall sleeve for example, is designed for 8” thick concrete walls. The length of the wall sleeve is determined by the thickness of the wall.

Wall Sleeves are made of welded or seamless steel pipes. Sleeves made from asbestos-free fibre cement are ideal for the hydrostatic sealing of steel, cast iron, copper and plastic pipes passing through walls.

It should be noted that a thorough analysis of the site is of utmost important pre-installation. Make sure the wall opening is the correct size and is also strong for adequate support. Once installation is complete, the installer must provide impeccable sealing and insulation around the Wall sleeves.

Good thing is that the installation instructions are mostly included in the accessory kits and if read and understood, will lead to the perfect installation of a functional Wall Sleeve.

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