Air Vent Pipe


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No one can guarantee your home safety or your protection in any premises unless you do it on your own. It is therefore important to construct shelters with the most fitting equipment. While others consider some of the equipment an unnecessary expense, they play a crucial role in determining one’s safety. The air vent pipe (NWSS-AP-01) is one of the many shelter equipment manufactured by our firm.

We endeavor to make the highest quality shelter equipment by using only solid steel and pure concrete all through our constructions. This product for instance is made using solid steel, ½” thick. It is made locally with our team of competent craftsmen. Something good with buying from us is that you can always customize your vent pipe to fit your needs. It is as easy as calling us and giving your specifications.

Our competitive prices for this quality product are meant to ensure you do not miss the opportunity to install it in your shelter.


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