B1500 SuperBrute


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For the finest floor and wall safes, B1500 SuperBrute is probably the one you should go for. We are able to manufacture and offer quality shelter equipment such as NBC filtration systems, hatches, doors and accessories.

Our company is specialized in building and constructing of shelters that are of pure steel and concrete, we also ensure that it is casted in a place onsite suitable for protection. Our company is the leading in construction of quality bomb shelters and we strongly believe in preparedness.

B1500 SuperBrute has a series that is super brute with a body and door that is black in texture. It has a black matte finish dial ring and a plated large brass with a handle that matches it. The entire door is covered with a 3 meter Lexan escutcheon plate.

Attractive robotically welded deign are good in offering reliable welds which protect against housebreak attacks. The inside cover has a dust cover made steel.


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