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Insecurity has been a problem that is being experienced in the current world. Different measures have been put in place to solve this problem but no convincing results have been achieved. We hereby bring you a reliable solution which is B3700 super brute safe.

Its body and door is black in texture, it is plated with a large brass dial and a black matte that finishes the dial ring and having a matching handle. It has plate covers; 3M Lexan escutcheon that cover the rest of the door surface.

When using this type of safe, you can have combination changes by simply letting the door to a locksmith. It is designed robotically that makes it attractive and offers reliable welds against attacks and burglary whereas reducing leakages .It is listed as group ll by the U.L, the lock is changeable and having a relock .The possible combinations are 1 million. It also has a steel dust cover that is included in it. The safe measures 11    7/8’’ x13  ¼’’x 8  ¾’’ in the inside, and  12  ¾’’ x 14   1/8’’ x 11 ¾’’ in the outside, it weighs 145 lbs. cubic in and  a capacity of 5758.

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