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With all the cases of insecurity, no one can ever be sure about their safety. This is why people are making shelters and bunkers that could vend off any attack. Having a blast valve in your shelter is a good rule of thumb. If you need to buy one of those items, you cannot find a better quality item than the blast valve – UeV/ESV 1 bar made by our company.

This blast valve is very effective when it comes to protecting from the effects of changes in outside air pressure. This is normally associated with nuclear weapon attacks that cause changes in atmospheric pressure. Therefore, whether you have an industrial building, a military facility or a civil defense shelter, our Lunor blast valves are necessary have for your air outlet openings.

If you doubt this product, you need to know that it was tested by the Armament Technology and Procurement Group of Switzerland and was approved by the same organization. The design for this item is according to the requirements of the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Defense. The valve casing is made with the highest standards using hot galvanized steel.

As if that is not enough, the device used for shutting is made using stainless steel. It can also double up like valve for overpressure. This tells you that our shelter equipment is only made from steel and concrete.


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