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The NWSS-BRH-01 made by our company is undoubtedly one of the best you can find in the market if not the finest. At the outset, it is important for our customers to understand what it means by trading with us. This company is prominent for making the most trusted shelter equipment in the market today. The materials used are steel and concrete, which are used in the pure form without anything being added to the raw materials.

Our NWSS-BRH-01 is however not filled with concrete. Its design is meant for mounting on vertical shafts. No one wants a door that will give him or her a hard time to open. As such, to make it easy to open, its lift struts are gas charged.  The door also has hasps that lock using a padlock. You will have to buy the padlock independently.

The NWSS-BRH-01 has easy to use bolts while installing. It has rubber seals also known as NBC seals all round the sides. They ensure the people in that shelter are shielded from nuclear, biological and chemical dangers. Equally, they have steel frames that are five by three by a quarter inch thick. It also has internal compression locks and steel pins that are three quarter inches long. This cameo standard colored door is resistant to explosions.


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