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Are you looking for the best bed bunkers to keep your valuables? Well, you could try our Cal King/Double Safe Bed Bunker. Below are some of its features:

  • Cal king/Double safe Bed bunker  weighs about one thousand three hundred pounds , 77  ¾”long x 59” wide x 14” deep
  • The inside storage has two compartments which are 75” x 25” x 10”each
  • Rifle capacity with included oak racks 32 single stack and 64 double stack ,socks are used to protect riffles
  • Capacity up to 30 riffles and 60 riffles in a queen and larger bed bunker plus numerous pistols and ammo if you take out the racks which can be removed easily
  • Two-hour firewall to protect your files and valuables from extreme conditions
  • Optional centre section safe in lieu of centre section for king bed bunker 77/  34” long x 16’’ wide x 14”deep.500pounds same construction
  • The other advantage is free shipping of the king and queen bed bunkers.

Custom built to order four to five weeks delivery at $2400.00


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