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No other brand can guarantee you the best bunkers in the market other than our company. We make the most trusted products that ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Our steel and concrete constructions have earned us a good reputation in the market. You are therefore not likely to be disappointed if you tried our king / double safe bedBunker.

 The 1300 pounds bunker has a lot of useful features. It is 77 ¾ inches long, 59 inches wide and 14 inches deep, giving you sufficient space to store your valuables. To make storage easier, the inside has been divided into two compartments, each measuring seventy five inches long, twenty six inches wide and ten inches deep. It has a thirty-twin rifle capacity. This includes sixty four double stack, thirty two single stack all made using socks that protect rifles.

 It can hold more ammo and pistols if you decide to do away with the easy to remove racks.


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