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Our LUNOR PD access cover is the best and the sole reliable access cover you can find in today’s market. We are a renowned company that manufactures the highest quality of shelter equipment. All our shelters are made using 100% concrete and steel. In addition, we ensure the highest levels of protection by casting all our shelters onsite.

For best results, the process begins by installing the steel door on site. Once the wall of concrete shelter is perfectly in place, the door leaf is then filled with concrete. The door leaf is usually made of pure still while the profile frame is made of rubber seal. This rubber sealing is what is commonly known as NBC seal. They are effective in protecting against biological, nuclear and chemical attacks. The seals are present on all sides of the LUNOR PD access cover. They are even welded in to give reinforcement.

On both sides of the door are detachable lever locks. Cases of air blasts, accidental openings and ground shock vibration have been recorded with other access covers. To eliminate such incidents, this LUNOR PD access cover has internal levers that have locking pins. The anchors for this access cover are so massive, not to mention the double hinges.

The conventional access cover opens towards the inside. However, when you make a special order, they can be customized to open towards the outside. You also benefit from the three-bar protection. In case you have any doubts, it would be beneficial to know that this LUNOR PD access cover meets the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Defense’s regulations. Upon purchase, you get a full straightforward installation guide.


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