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The most quality and durable door one needs to go for is the NWSS-BH-01 vault blast door. Our company takes the lead in manufacturing the best shelter equipment something other companies find a huge task to offer. We are able to manufacture and supply according to our clients specification. Hatches, NBC filtration systems, doors and accessories are some of the products we manufacture and supply.

We are specialized in building and constructing of shelters which are completely steel and concrete. We always ensure maximum protection and to facilitate this, all our shelters have to be casted onsite. We are purely a real bomb shelter construction company and our prime objective is preparedness.

Our NWSS-BH-01 vault blast door is considered for horizontal installations. It has a spring loaded lift assistance cylinder which facilitates easy opening. You will realize that at times your door frames closes uncontrollably, to avoid this, our doors are well equipped with a spring loaded shock absorber with a thick steel door leaf that is 3/8 inch. For reinforcement purposes, the door has a square tubing that is three inch with internal hinges that are three quarters steel plate.

In the event that debris falls on your entrance opening while inside, the door has a hydraulic removable jack to ensure that you are not trapped. For self-rescue, this door is fitted with a detachable lock hasp that has NBC seal.


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