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Our NWSS-RBH-01 Reverse Emergency Escape Hatches are the best and only true emergency escape hatch on the market today. Every shelter should have an emergency escape hatch. These are extremely useful in the event of an earth shift or blast that causes debris or compromises your main exit. Our NWSS-RBH-01 are a must have for all shelters and are for emergency use only. We always manufacture our doors and hatches with the highest quality craftsmanship, to insure the best and most reliable products. These are manufactured by us in the USA by Americans. Not only are these easy to install, as they cast in place in the concrete, but they can be cast in any thickness up to 24 inches (thicker sizes are available upon request). The top of hatch does not reach the surface of the earth after correct installation. They are a must have in your shelter for emergency escape purposes. Call our office for special orders or with any questions you may have at (208)267-0000. We look forward to speaking with you.
Product Features and Description:
1/4″ plate steel
24″x24″x24″ dimensions
2 hinges
6 ft ripcord with d-ring handle for quick release
Equipped with compression release lock
Equipped with NBC seals for nuclear, biological and chemical protection
Easy to install- level 2 installation (cast in place). Can accommodate any thickness of concrete roof up to 24″ (special order larger sizes). The top of hatch does not reach the surface of the earth after correct installation.
Blast resistant
Standard color is Hammer Black
**Want one of our experts to install it? Contact our office for installation quotes and scheduling (208)267-0000
Custom sizes and options are available upon request. We have our own full service manufacturing shop and are capable of fabricating almost any security component you can think of. Call our offices and speak to one of our specialist about special orders (208)267-0000. From concept to completion, we’re in business to serve you.


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