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One of the most difficult tasks you could find is choosing a reliable bedbunker. However, if you choose one of our bunkers, you have nothing to worry about. Our firm is renowned for making the finest quality shelter equipment and accessories. The Queen BedBunker is one among our many creations that ensure the safety of your property.

This Queen BedBunker is made of steel just like most of our products that are made either using concrete, steel or both. It has a weight of 1300 pounds and an internal storage that has two compartments. Each of the two compartments is seventy five inches long, twenty six inches wide and ten inches deep.

Choosing a bed bunker with sufficient rifle space is a good rule of thumb. The Queen BedBunker for one can carry up to 30 rifles when single stacked. This means that it could accommodate 60 rifles when double stacked. If you remove the racks, you get more space. In addition, it has two hour fire wall that will guarantee safety for your valuables


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