SB-100 Sanitation Blast Valve


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Industrial buildings, military facilities and civil defense shelters are most at risk to all kinds of attacks. However, terrorists and other malicious people usually use nuclear and other blast techniques to attack these buildings. If you need to be certain that you are safe, installing one of the most reliable blast valves in your ventilation systems is a good rule of thumb. In addition, what can be better than our SB-100 sanitation blast valve?

As if that is not enough, this SB-100 Sanitation Blast Valve will protect your shelter from being destroyed by wake waves and external pressure. This device has been designed in a very unique way. When pressure or wake waves occur, they go through exterior openings of the shelter. When the valves are installed, they will close immediately following the pressure changes. Only little and harmless part of that energy will be allowed into the building.

The housing for this blast valve is made using cast aluminum. Furthermore, to avoid corrosive destruction that comes from vent gazes, all the interior parts are made using chrome steel. They are normally tested using a reflecting pressure of ten bar. The Swiss Federal Office of Civil Defense has certified this product.


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