Star C3 Tubular Floor Safe


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Star C3 tubular floor safe is the most quality and strong safes you need to go for. Our company manufactures and supply quality and strong safes for our clients. The safe is able to manipulate resistance and has a Group two key with a unitized lock which is changeable and is protected by a rotating carburized hardplate.

For protection from damages such as burglary attacks and additional protection from hold-up, it is enabled with removable dial and drive/drill resistance spindle. The door is 7-1/4 inches with a clear opening, it also has a solid steel that is 1-3/4.

The door uses three bolts to be locked and each has its own hardened steel positive relocking bolt, making it the most secure and for it to get sheared you will need over twenty five thousand pounds. It has a heavy “B” construction rate and can resist water. It has an inner compartment that is available with a dual key


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