Star C5 Tubular Floor Safe with Slotted Door


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If you are looking for a company that is specialized in manufacturing of Star C5 Tubular Floor Safewith Slotted Door, look no further, we offer the strongest quality safes which will guarantee you security. The carburized hardplate that revolves is protected and has a U.L group two key with a lock that is variable with a manipulation resistance

The dial and drive /drill resistance spindle is removable and it prevents damage from burglary attack. It has a 1-3/4 inch solid steel and a door that is 7-1/4 inch with an opening that is clear. Each three bolts lock the door and they also have a locking bolt that is hardened steel positive relocking bolt. It resists water and has high molded dust concealment with a rubber “o”-ring seal which cannot slide like other covers.

The stars double compartment models offer the commercial operator with most effective cash management system available. The inner compartment has a dual key.


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