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The VA 150 One good thing with this unit is that it does not solely rely on power. There is provision for manual operation when power fails. Its main purpose is to filter out impurities that could be in the air. The key thing is that it could prevent chemical and radioactive hazards.

You can trust our VA 150 as the most reliable filtration unit in the market. Our company is renowned for making some of the most excellent shelter equipments. We also supply the equipment and their accessories. Therefore, if you are interested in this filtration unit, our team of professionals will customize it to your specifications.

To begin with, the VA 150 has a filter casing and highly effective filter. To make the filtration process more effective, carbon filters are activated. The unit also has air inlets and outlets that have closures just in case one needs to vend off an attack. A screw for pressure compensation and a floor fastening bracket are equally included. It also has steel dowels and a plastic cover.

It is important to know that the filter should not be opened under any circumstances. They have been tested and found to be very long lasting as long as they are sealed. The unit has passed the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Defense directives.


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