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The VA-40 is the only type of entrance that can guarantee one proper security. Its quality is beyond reasonable doubt one of the best you can have. We have the ability to offer and manufacture the best quality shelter gear such as, hatches, NBC filtration systems, doors and accessories. Our shelters are purely built and constructed by steel.

Our company is the best in building of real bomb shelters with a sole objective of preparedness. Unlike other companies, our firm boosts a team of professionals who work extremely hard to ensure our clients get the finest products. For that reason, our clients have an advantage of specifying their products.

It consists of a VA forty that can also be operated manually in case of power letdown. It has filtration units that aid in filtering out impurities in the air such as radioactive particles and chemical warfare. This product has met all the directives, tests and approval of the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Defense and Armament Technology and Procurement Group respectively.

Our products boost a sieve casing fitting with a filter that is highly efficient. It is activated with carbon filter and has an air inlet and outlet with closures. It has a screw for pressure compensation. Plastic cover, floor fastening bracket and dowels that are purely steel are inclusive.

Polluted air first goes through the high efficient filter where the finest impurities are retained and flows through a filter activated carbon. The air in and out are sealed and hermetically closed and should remain closed since the test done the past 20 years indicates there long operative period.


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