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In case you are shopping for the finest air filters, come try our units. The VA 75 is one of the best filters you can ever come across. This equipment is very effective in the sense that it does not just filter out dust particles, it also ensures radioactive particles and other chemical warfare do not infiltrate the shelter.

The design and manufacture of this product is in tandem with the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Defense regulations. The VA 75 is also type tested and accepted by the Armament Technology and Procurement Group.

Features like a filter casing with effectiveness of the installed filters make this product useful for today’s shelters. As if that is not enough, the activated carbon filters serve to make the product more effective. Unlike other products, our filter has inlets and outlets that have closures. This means that they can be closed to prevent attacks.

Something good with our VA 75 unit is that you can use it even when power fails. A manual operation has been enabled. Its filters should never be opened since they have passed tests that prove their long term performance.


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