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While people can choose safe neighborhoods to stay in, they can never predict when usual burglaries can occur. Therefore, it is essential to install either a wall or floor safe to be certain that your valuables are safe. You need a safe with some of the best qualities to withstand an attack for the longest time possible. For instance, our WEST149 is among the most reliable you can find in the market.

The steel made safe has a DL5000 electronic lock properties. This safe is fully furnished with a DL5000 electronic keypad. The keypad is easy to operate and change. The keypad also comes with a large enough LCD touch screen that is three and three quarter inches. This makes it very easy to operate the lock.

The lock allows up to two user codes including the fact that it keeps records of how the door was opened for up to fourteen times. The system has an override provision that is used during emergency cases. The override can either use a key or passwords.


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