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While home safes may not be the most appropriate places to keep precious stones and other expensive items, they may still be useful if you need the property to be safe. No one can guarantee the safety of his or her property. Even if you live in a safe neighborhood, having additional safety is essential. No other safe may be as reliable as our WEST2114.

You can always trust our products as they are made with solid steel, pure concrete or both. We both make and supply these shelter equipments and accessories. For instance, the WEST2114 is made with a heavy duty steel body for maximum safety.

Equally, both door flanges are made with steel. The interiors have been made with extra space but still have the convenience to fit between studs. The DL5000 Electronic Touch-Screen lock is one of the best in the market. The emergency key lock override beats all in the market. The system has two keys, a battery box for power override, including a motion detector alert and spy proof function all built-in.


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