WS-10-6 Wall Sleeve


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For the most appropriate wall sleeves, you should go no further than our WS-10-6 wall sleeve. No other wall sleeve in the market can match the standards of this product. Just like all the shelter equipments and accessories that we make, this WS-10-6 Wall Sleeve is made using solid steel. It has a six inch diameter and 10 inch length. This allows it to be easily installed in thick concrete walls of up to eight inches.

It is also used to mount air intake, including the blast valves for air filtration systems from NBC. Making a concrete shelter can never be complete without incorporating this product. If anything is going to penetrate the walls, then it is important that you use this WS-10-6 Wall Sleeve. It is appropriate for phone lines, cables,

water lines, electricity and gas lines among others. This approximately 60 pound sleeve should be installed in concrete when it is being poured.

What is more is that your order comes with full technical support. You can always call (208)267-0000 in case you have questions or you need to make a special order. The sleeve is supplied with four prongs made of solid steel. They are used for tying and attaching the rebar during installation.


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